Friday, 29 June 2007

Why you should never write a post on Friday afternoon

I gotta do a new post... Hey France was so nice, loved every second of it. Back at school though this week has been the biggest drag ever. I have begun questioning my career choice..but then the reassuring thing is that 'career' is such an open ended word these days. I've been told that still in some parts of wales people's last names still elude to their jobs. Or maybe that was 50 years ago. I've really got an appreciation this week that job satisfaction involves a whole lot more than good money. Words like 'meaning', 'significance', 'influence', 'genuinity', 'service' spring to mind as things that my job currently lacks in any substancial degree it seems. Sorry, way too depressing. Can I just say though that throughout this week, this wonderful family that I have joined over here has bought me tonnes of yum treats to make up for the monkey enclosures that I've been trying to teach in. Thanks guys!!

Monday, 11 June 2007

I'm still shaking!!

My brother-in-law Steve just showed me a movie trailer linked to his mate's blog (a guy called Lloyd, a really fun and talented individual). It's like every kiwi's fear... the day the sheep get smart. There's something like 10 sheep for every New Zealander, don't get me wrong, some of my best friends are sheep, but we don't really give them much credit.
Well it's been ages since I blogged last, I think I'm just going through an unenthusiastic lull, or maybe I'm asking the question that every 'young' blogger asks..."is there any point?". Perhaps not, but I will press on through.

Just had a week off, zipped around the Lake District, it was so beautiful...benefit number 1 of supply teaching in the UK. Was awesome to hang out with family and see this beautiful world we live in.

Then after getting back I've been back at school for 4 days...benefit number 2 of supply teaching in the uk... often you don't work full weeks!! It was pretty hard going but I didn't kill any students, so I'd call it a success. Was a bit funny when a kid that I had busted for bunking classes (he was hiding behind my class and making heaps of noise) came in to my class at lunchtime and had a friendly chat, during which time he shared with me some of his romantic poetry. He said I could use them on my wife if I wanted... a kind offer but I delined nonetheless.

Now I'm off for another 2 weeks, going down to Bournemouth to celebrate the life of my wife's Grandma who passed away last week, then off across to France. The third and final benifit (in this post) of supply teaching in the UK... only a short ferry ride to the amazing tastes, sights and sounds of Europe! I'm excited.