Sunday, 29 April 2007

Kid through a window

Did I mention that a kid pushed another kid through a window in my class on thursday? It was a bit of an experience. Fortunately the windows were double glazed and laminated... so no bloody gaping wounds.

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

My London Anzac Day

Well due to a teachers only day (I got out of it) and after a days river trip to Greenwich, Lucy and I found ourselves walking past Hyde Park Corner, the site of the New Zealand ANZAC memorial. The connection was made after spotting a few wreaths and checking the date on my watch. It was a special little pause in our day. Actually I felt a bit of moisture coming to my eye after scanning some distinct cast iron symbols of home. I will always remember walking past the war memorial on North Road in Dunedin. I would do it often, but every Saturday morning I would pause there for about a minute or two. His name (amongst others) was T. Aitken (Tom it turned out, not Tim), I was, and still am, significantly affected by this T. Aitken, no doubt a guy much like me, probably similar age, similar hopes and dreams, yet denied the chance to see them realised. "They died so that we may have life, let us make our lives worthy of their sacrifice" was the challenge posted beneath the list of the fallen. Just before I would leave I would always put my fingers on his name and make a little pledge to myself to live life like it was meant to be lived (always quietly and after a cautious look around to see if other folk were watching).

What do I feel so strongly enough about to make sacrifices for in my life? What would I give my life to? What would sacrifice entail in my life?

I think it's very right to remember those who paid the ultimate price, often for reasons not completely understood by them. This evening I'm going to make my own poppie and take it up.

Sunday, 22 April 2007

Looking down the barrel of a new week

Well I made it through the first week. I never thought that it was going to be easy, but honestly I don't think that I was really prepared for uncontrollable (it seems) classes. No part of my training prepared me for some of the experiences I have encountered. So... my training continues. I worry that I might loose a degree of hope that I am actually having an influence on the students that I'm working with. I find it really hard to accept that my role may be just to sit behind the teachers desk and switch off to the zoo around me, yet that is a message that is being given to me. Wierd/Disturbing.

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Shivers it's only Wednesday!!

I've really got to get used to working again. I'm findind it all pretty hard going thus far

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

A Dawning Realisation

There I was, standing there in front of 29 screaming children, some sitting, most walking about and a few creative ones clambering beneath the desks. I smiled in a shocked 'it's all over' kind of way and thought..."Seriously, what on earth have I done?". Yesterday was so much nicer (ok half the kids hadn't turned up at school), the kids were sort of nice. But no, not today, not these kids. Today was the day when I had to just stop and say to myself..."Tim, you'll be walking out of this school at 3.05pm £120 richer". (Actually the truth is that Lucy reminded me of that fact when she rung to say hello at lunchtime). Life is beautiful!