Saturday, 7 July 2007

Final Daze

After getting back from France I decided that I would try and last 2 more weeks and then call it a day. So that's what I've just done. Supply teaching is blinking hard over here, leaving 2 weeks before the end of term was mainly for the preservation of my passion for teaching youngsters, which had been being daily stripped away by harrasment from students and the seemingly pointless endeavor of attempting to teach under excrutiatingly trying circumstances. I'd walk out at the end of the day 100 pounds better off, but pretty discouraged. I was lamenting with another kiwi teacher about the fact that we both used to really enjoy heading off to school most days back home. Out of the 38 days that I have been a supply teacher I don't need a second hand to count the days that I've felt the same here. Shoot it's discouraging, but I guess it's just the truth of it.

Over all though, I've appreciated the experience, and I hope that it has allowed me to gain a few more skills as far as crowd control goes.

I am actually really looking forward to starting off with my own bunch of kids come september. Teaching, in my humble experience, is way more effective when you have a long term perspective. I reacon a lot of the kids that I've worked with are sick to death of short term people in their lives, teachers, step dads, social workers, church groups. Being another short term person to add to the list wasn't that nice.

I do hope though by some miracle of a graceful God, I have added a glimmer of light into the darkness of some kids' lives.